The International Vicuña Convention is Back!

The International Vicuña Convention is Back!

This year the XXI Technical Meeting and the XXXV Standard Meeting of the Agreement will be held.

In August 2022, after the interruption caused by the pandemic, it is planned to resume the meetings of the Convention for the Conservation and Management of the vicuña. This will be the XXXV Meeting of the Vicuña Agreement, and the XXI Technical Meeting to be held within the framework of this important International Agreement. It will also be the first time that this meeting is held virtually.

Delegations from the Argentine Republic, the Plurinational State of Bolivia, the Republic of Chile, the Republic of Ecuador and the Republic of Peru, and special guests will participate in the event.

The GECS has an important role as an observer member of this Agreement. he last meeting of the Agreement was held in 2018 in the city of San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina, where the problem of scabies (mange) in vicuñas was discussed at the Technical Meeting. From it, the agreement (by resolution 404/2018), urged the member countries to take into account the guidelines mentioned in the Minutes of the XX Technical Meeting to address the issue of scabies and assigned the GECS IUCN SSC the preparation of a scientific-technical document on this subject, to be presented at the next meeting. This document was prepared by several members of our Specialist Group and conducted by Dr. Arzamendia.

 In addition, during the last meeting of 2018, the support of the IUCN SSC GECS was also requested (through resolution 402), to convene specialists who can contribute their knowledge on methodologies for assessing the population status of vicuñas, in order to generate guidelines and actions in this topic, that will be addressed at the next Technical Meeting of the Agreement. In the fourth week of August 2022 the various entities involved in the management, research and use of the vicuña we will be celebrating 35 years of political-administrative and technical meetings related to the conservation and management of this emblematic Andean species.